You can watch the best female live sex cams here. Sexy girls webcams for you inside. Besides going to the south of Spain to do good love (and no joke), there are other things that women must do in the sexual field at least once in their life. Leave the comfort zone in a vulnerable situation, but it needs to be done from time to time.

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In order to save herself the evil of the inside in the unknown erotic terrain, most women end up falling into a scheduled sex: the same preliminaries, the known postures, the oral sex … And although all this is very well, the Repeating it for years makes it dull and boring. For this reason, we must try new things, such as those contained in this list collected by ‘Prevention’.

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1) Find the G-spot
Most women have heard of the G-spot, but what? Despite the controversy over the existence of this female plastic zone, there are many women who have not even sought it. This is usually a few inches from the inside of the vagina, at the top of the wall, says psychotherapist Gary Brown.

In a tent, in the backyard of the house, in the countryside and on a terrace: all women are valued by new scenarios.

The expert advises all ladies to look for applying lubricant on one of two fingers. Once inside, you should touch a more spongy area and more sensitive to stimulation. “The exact location differs, so patience is important,” he adds. When you find yourself, you have to make a movement of your fingers like saying ‘come here’. It does not matter if you do not get to orgasm, because, Brown points out, the important thing is to “enjoy the exploration”.

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2) Watch yourself masturbating
The more sex a woman has with herself, the more sex she will crave. This is ensured by sex therapist Kat Van Kirk. In addition, she adds, a woman is masturbating in front of a mirror helps her feel safer and more comfortable during intercourse because she will see what her partner when they are both together. “Look at how your body moves with your own touch, watch your face as you become aroused and the onset of orgasm.”

3) Use lubricant
Although many women do not require the use of lubricant, the Jessica O’Reilly experience ensures that they all try them, less once in their lifetime. The reason? It makes sex more exciting and can practice any sexual position. The best are those that combine water and silicone.

4) Masturbate during sex
With a sex toy or with your hands: showing the couple how to reach orgasm on their own is fully recommended, says sex therapist Jane Greer, who encourages women to be selfish in the sexual arena: “Make Your Own Pleasure A priority and you will see how sex becomes more frequent and satisfying for you and your partner.”

5) Masturbate the man
Although something is very common, not all women have done it even once in their life. If one is a novice, the experts put the lubricant in the hand, grab the manly male member with one hand, interlace the fingers, apply the closed pressure and caress it from top to bottom. If she is not sure that she is doing well, she has only to ask the man for directions.
Sex therapists refer to the couple’s eyes when they reach orgasm, as it “increases the connection” between them.

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6) Have an orgasm looking at the couple
Most women close their eyes or look up to have an orgasm, but what makes the sexual look in the eyes of the couple when it arrives, as it “increased the connection and the complicity” between them.

7) Explore the senses
A spicy way to enliven the sexual routine is to play with the senses. Sexologist Ava Cadell recommends playing with, for example, ice cubes before switching to oral sex. It also advises to use the bandages for the eyes of the couple and thus enjoy more of the preliminaries.

8) Having sex outdoors
In a tent, on the beach, in the backyard of the house on a terrace, any outdoor place is good for sex. “Doing so reconnects us with our most primitive sense of sexuality,” says the psychotherapeutic Brandy Engler.

9) Ask
Although it is common to feel a little nervous when telling the couple what they really have in mind, it is essential if you want to get more in bed. The sex therapist Vanessa Marín is a girl who has nothing to do. “It’s also a good idea to comment on the play after sex while she’s still in bed, so she can say what she really liked about what the tea changes next time. Marin.
10) Do not compare with porn
Women should never compare to porn. If there are no sound orgasms and do not test a thousand postures, nothing happens. She does not have to shout to have.


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