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What is Chaturbate?


For those who do not know what Chaturbate is, we will give you a brief explanation: it consists of a category of porn videos extracted from the portal with the same name, in which many viewers can see what a girl or a boy does with his webcam , People who enter the page have two options: to be spectators or to appear on the camera, those who use their webcam are usually masturbating, doing erotic dancing or having sex as they like (lesbian, anal, bukkakes, among others ), All that and more while the spectators can enjoy with the show that they offer, those who have seen the live sex broadcast within this page can leave their comments, some take the opportunity to pay homage to them for their good sexual performance or their dazzling body, While others are more demanding and ask them to make sexual positions so they can masturbate while practicing, s And the viewer is satisfied can show their generosity by transferring dollars to the page that will get it to the protagonists of the porn video of Chaturbate;


If you enter that page and want even more fun, you can request a private show with the girl who captured your attention, obviously this involves canceling a sum of money depending on which girl or boy you have chosen, also entails that you are subscribed to the page, After you meet these requirements the person you have chosen will have a live broadcast just so that your enjoyment, that is, nobody else will be watching with you, there the girl or boy will masturbate, dance, play with sex toys depending on what That you ask him.


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