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Opportunities for cam model o camer. Cams17 webcam models give you the opportunity to make more money than you have ever dreamed of! The possibilities are endless, best of all you have the freedom to work whenever you want! There are many different ways to make money through our webcam program. Once you accessed your personal account automatically directed to the personal chat room with a lot of paid members. These members are able to score in gold, and have private shows (0.99 to 4.99 $/minute/user). I also offer the possibility to the other members to join a private show, this means that you can have multiple users paying for the all-minute speed. Each model has access to their administration area where they can check for non-detailed statistics for a charge, email members, and read various promotions and contests. The best models of webcams that have obtained more than 20 000 € £ per month!

webcam model

We offer the following benefits to all our web camer:

- Traffic in a high level of quality in the red mayor of webcams with a lot of paying customers. - Advanced HD technology with the best video and audio quality available. - Model ability to accept private phone calls from customers during the camera sample a fee. - The ability to work the chosen hours from anywhere with Internet access at high speeds. - There are absolutely no charges or deductions, as the models are paid for each valid private chat. - Representative of support staff that employers can be contacted via email, Skype or live chat - Support for first page placement in our network of websites. - Our site also allows the models to be in private chat 40 to 50% more than on any webcam site out there! Which means that you will make 4-5x more money to work through our webcam site.

Ready to start?

Here, in the search engines we model our webcams to be able to earn as much money as possible, and be happy at the same time. We expect our webcam models to take this job very seriously. Our agency model has an excellent reputation with our members who need support. Here are some basic rules and guidelines that we expect our models to follow:

Always be kind and respectful to members.

(It is very rare that our webcam models have had problems with our members, if you do there is the possibility of kicking / kicking them out of your room.) - We need our webcam models to be able to speak / write in basic English.)


Let your customers know when you are sitting in the next campaign. Try to have a basic program.

(This is always a good idea, you are surprising the amount of "regular members".


Speech to the members by their real names of nicknames.
(Try to use nicknames when talking to your customers, reduce a something that is not so much time if it becomes easier to write and remember.Even your real name to the clients right down if you have too much, this will really impress the Customer ).

Clothing suitable for work.
(Be sure to wear something attractive and revealing.) Movement and what body members shows is also a good thing.
Get ready for what the state wants to do a "private show".
(Most members ask what you like to do in a "private show" before buying a few models to use toys. Some users may need to dress in sexy clothes for role play. Whatever your niche is , Always be willing.).
Make sure your webcam is good.

We offer the following benefits to all our cam model:

I would need a basic system of the camera system (webcam The best quality has, the more money you want. Try to provide good illumination for webcam quality is not dark).
There is demoralized!

(If you are just starting in the camera and find things calmly, do not get undisturbed!) Webcam Our job is a great opportunity to win from high model.our best models of webcams paid to build your business, Happy customers and coming back for more. It usually takes a little time to build up a good customer base continued to earn maximum maximum profit.

By following these simple instructions to help transform into a paid webcam supermodel!

webcam models

Becoming cam model or camer with cams17 does not require some work on your part too. This is a real models agency with real webcam models, so you need to work to make money!

Making money as a webcam model expects you to be a bit disciplined. Our agency waits to consider this model as a real job. This means taking care of oneself, and sticking to some sort of planning. We are looking for models of webcams that are interested not only in money, but also have fun working with our agency model.

Working on web cam is really as easy as it sounds?
And it is! Yes! All are required to do as a webcam model is to interact with our members. We have built a manual models, to provide any information on how to become a successful webcam model.

We suggest that all models read the manual before starting the models work for the first time.
Privacy issues

This is a concern for many webcam model or camer, who fear that a friend or family member may find that they are working as a webcam model. Our agency has taken many steps to make sure this does not happen to you.

We offer the possibility to block or provinces and cities of countries to view your account. This is done by filtering our members from blocked areas. For example, if you are a webcam model from New York and have family in the United States, we can block all of the United States for you. And they have more camer and more cam model than other countries.

Please remember that any information you submit to our agency model during initial setup will be kept strictly confidential within our secure files. Our main goal as a model agency is to keep our cam models happy, rich and natural!

Camer need a niche, niche is a type of live show for make more money.

Do not waste time

Are you ready to be a cam model?

All of our WebCam models require the following system requirements in the model.

-Must be able to run the latest applications.


- Must have high speed / broadband internet connection (cable or wireless).

Cam model need a webcam.

Camera models equipment
Webcam (standard usage) - Selecting a high quality webcam goes a long way in webcam! Members would rather pay to see models that can be seen clearly, rather than a poor fuzzy webcam quality.

Why not spend tens of money for a good campaign and can make thousands of money in the future?

- An integrated USB port or webcam is needed.
-Cam must be of high quality (eg Logitech £ 40-120)

Camcorder (professional) - Many of our cam model with cameras instead of the Premiere webcam. This can make a big difference in quality! Most cameras are equipped with remote control allowing the model to zoom in / out capability. Cameras for be a cam moder and this are can be expensive, but the quality difference is certainly worth for a lot of models.

If you have a camera, but do not know how to connect to your PC or MAC, please hire our staff, and help you with the installation.

-Equipped with port camera must be "fire-wire" to connect to your PC or MAC or MAC
-In case of having a remote control.
- You may have to install the software.

Don't need more for be a camer!

The installation process is very easy with cams17, and always have a representative to help solve any problem that may arise.

Please note that all information you provide is stored securely in our files, and will never be transmitted. Publicly.

Once the application has been approved by a webcam representative Our personal email with instructions on how to carry out your webcam models of the account. You will need the following information to continue the installation:

Photos of an identity
Sending the page load on all sides of an identification document also requires a photo with your webcam and a photos of the others with your identity card held next to your face as proof of your identity.

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